onsdag 14 mars 2012

En vampyrskola du sent kommer glömma

Author: Michelle Read
Title: Vampire Academy
Pages: 332
Grade: 5/5
Category's: Romantic,Horror and fantasy
Year of publication: 2007

Sankt Vladimirs Academy isn't like any other boarding school.
It's a place to hiding Moroi(fullbloodvampires) and dhampirs(half humans,half Moroi)

Rose&Lissa is back on S:t Vladimir from two years of freedom.
Lissa is a Moroiprincess. Rose,dhampir, is her best friend and trainings to protect her from Strigoi,the evil vampires. She training to be a guardian.
Moroi are born. Strigoi are created.

But Lissa aren't in safety at S:t Vladimir. She has a very special power that many want to take advantage. Even if it ends with that Lissa going insane,or dies!
Rose says that Lissa and she must run away again,but goes that?

En underbar bokserie tar start. Lääääs den! Älskar språket med Roses sarkastiska kommentarer,och handlingen är bääst ;)
13+ antar jag?

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